how did idolatry become widespread?  	imagine a mother with her sick child sitting near a big stone and is crying for her sick child. The mind attraction law which is also created by God, causes the child to be cured but mother thinks that it was the big stone which cured her child. From then on that woman asks many things from that stone to do for her and the world laws do them for her. This woman tells her neighbours that there is a stone in a place that has such a power to fulfil their needs. During time people bow to that stone and get what they need and become worshippers of idols. In past people were worshiping stones but today people are worshiping shrines that have been built of that stones.Instead of asking their needs from God (God laws) people ask from the shrines and what they achieve is done by the mind                   attraction law not by the shrines. And in this way Idolatry still continues!

          Idols broken but idolatry still continues          Adam and Eve          What If Satan(Devil) was ruling over the world?

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