If we had a new prophet in our time, his messages most probably would be : 	verse....You people! do you not know that we have created the world by big bang in 13.7 billion years ago and still not believe in me. verse...we created you from the evolution of  unicellular organism.The story of Adam and Eve is wrong forget about it. verse...the sun is settled in the world (galaxy) and the earth is moving around the sun.forget what was said before. verse...treat your wives well and never beat them because it is an unforgivable guilt. verse...live free and never interfere with other people life in the name of religion. verse...everything you enjoy is allowed by God for you unless it does hurt others. verse...we saw the countries that their women put away the veils (hejab).The reason for corruption in is the veil not unveil. verse...never destroy your life for the sake of heaven gardens. verse...those who do not believe in your religion have the right to live equal to you.Never fight or kill people in the name of God.No stunning, no killing, no hanging.God is the beneficent, the merciful.

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