All religions have given this good promise that one day someone will come to vanish all badness and evil. 	As you know human beings currently use only %2 of their brain capacity and with this %2 they have achieved all these abilities. Imagine the time that human being can use more of his brain power, let's say %10 due to evolution.What would happen then? You know that there are people who have the power of telepathy and can read others thoughts. The day will come in which all human beings will have this power and will be able to read each other thoughts without talking.In such a society bad members will be recognised. They have no choice but to be changed or killed by other good people;Of course if in such society evilness is more than goodness,then it will overcome.

         Rationalism instead of superstition         how did idolatry become widespread?         May the revelation be from Satan not God

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