Role of Satan in religions: 	Maybe you believe that Satan exists and his role is to deceive and distract people.How do you know that Satan have not deceived the prophets and disguise himself as God.You see that in the name of God , religions killing ,stoning innocent people and have caused so many hatred and wars all over the world; civil war in Syria, killing people by Sunni extremists named Daesh in Iraq, killing people by Taliban in Afghanistan, massacre by Buddhism extremists, killing people by religious group named Buko Haram in Nigeria, killing Shia people in Pakistan, Somalian war by Alshabab militia. 	If the almighty God wanted to fill the earth with peace and tranquillity , he could do it just by sending an ant to humans and guide them to right way.You say God sent prophets to us to bring peace and kindness to our world but you can see that the world is getting worse and worse.We can come up to one conclusion that is God has not sent any prophet and it is Satan who sent these religion orders to make us kill our brothers and stone our sisters!

          May the revelation be from Satan not God            What If Satan(Devil) was ruling over the world?

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